Gröeld 2021 - Jérôme Saurigny
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Jérome Saurigny

Gröeld 2021 - Jérôme Saurigny

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👨🏼‍🌾Maceration White Wine made by Jérôme Saurigny .

📍Region: The Loire
🍇Grape variety: Chenin
📆Vintage: 2021
⁒Alcohol content: 12°

Please note: Jérôme Saurigny wines cannot represent more than 50% of the bottles in the order. One bottle per vintage per person maximum.

Jérome Saurigny studied oenology in Bordeaux where he began his first experience as a cellar master near Pomerol, collaborating regularly with his colleague from the Premier Grand Cru Classé Cheval Blanc. At the time, he never imagined being able to make wine without yeast or other chemicals. He still remembers going to collect the yeast packets and other inputs before the harvest with his other colleagues. One day, Jérôme Saurigny came across Patrick Desplats and Sébastien Dervieux (known as Babass); this meeting will change his vision and his philosophy of wine. He worked for several years for the Domaine des Griottes, a pioneering estate of uncompromising natural wines from Anjou, founded by Babass and Desplats. Jérôme then embarked on the adventure in 2007, he bought vines in the Coteaux du Layon appellation area and moved there. He therefore decided, following his experiences, and quite naturally, to produce HEALTHY wines (Without Any Added Inputs or Sulphites). He is also a member of this association founded by Jean-Pierre Robinot. Jérôme does not like concessions, and pushes his reasoning to the limit even in the work of the vineyard. Inspired by Patrick Desplats, he gradually stopped working the soil and reduced his interventions in the vineyard. Few treatments, few grapes... From his first vintage, Jérôme Saurigny vinifies naturally, with only indigenous yeasts, and without any added sulfur. He cultivates red grape varieties typical of the Loire such as Grolleau, Gamay, Cabernet Franc and white grape varieties such as Sauvignon blanc and Chenin. Often, the vintages are made from blends of whites and reds, from maceration. Jérôme also makes some sweet wines, often aged for several years in wood, with superlative pleasure...

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What is natural wine?

🌿 Wines made as naturally as possible
🍇 Grapes grown organically or biodynamically
🤚 Manual harvesting to respect the integrity of the grapes
❌ No addition of oenological products
🍷 Minimum doses of sulphites at bottling