Truculence - Barouillet
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Château Barouillet

Truculence - Barouillet

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👨🏼‍🌾White wine made by Vincent Alexis ( Domaine Barouillet ).

📍Region: South-West (Périgord)
🍇Grape variety: 60 year old Sauvignon Blanc
📆Vintage: 2019
⁒Alcohol content: 13°
🥘Food & wine pairing: Baked sea bass, poultry, hard cheese

Château Barouillet was clearly not born from the last rain! In the Alexis family for 8 generations, the estate will have seen transformations. Until today, when Vincent occupies the head of this large Bergerac house. Vincent who will recover the 45 ha of vines located in Pomport, in Dordogne, in the heart of the Monbazillac appellation, south of Bergerac. 45 ha which also allows for vines in other appellations such as Bergerac, Côtes de Bergerac and Pécharmant. Vincent, who, after his studies throughout France and his winemaking experiences in Canada, will revolutionize the family estate upon his arrival in 2010: conversion to organic then biodynamic, cessation of bulk production and end of sales to the supermarket, he decided to change the direction of the estate and to favor respect for its land, the environment and the work of its men. Alongside him, his lifelong sidekick, Romuald Cousy (some of you also know him by the name of his late estate: Romuald Ambitio, domaine de l'Ambitio) they will turn more towards peasant agriculture: a return to common sense peasant, less tillage, development of the plot etc... All to produce wines with a certain balance, with elegant aromatics and above all which prove to us that the wines of these appellations can be poetic crazy. Open a bottle of their Pét Nat' Splash, with two or more people, and you will see what the term Gourmandise means!

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