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👨🏼‍🌾 Red Wine made by Tommy Véron .

📍Region: Loire
🍇Grape variety: Pineau d’Aunis
📆Vintage: 2021
% Alcohol Level: 10.3°

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Tommy Véron est un jeune vigneron installé en plein coeur de l'Anjou Noir. C'est ici qu'il débute son activité de vigneron en 2021, dans la digne suite des vignerons nature du coin. Les vignes sont cultivées en bio, aucun produit de synthèse n'est utilisé, aucun désherbant et aucun insecticide. Tommy cherche à produire du raisin sain et mûr afin de pouvoir le vinifier le plus simplement par la suite. On trouve sur ses parcelles du Chenin, du Grolleau, du Cabernet Franc et du Gamay. En cave, Tommy souhaite intervenir le moins possible. Les raisins partent donc en fermentation grâce aux levures indigènes, et Tommy Véron se contente par la suite de les accompagner tout au long de la vinification. Tommy a à coeur de proposer des cuvées digestes, pleines de fruits et accessibles. Un nouveau talent angevin à découvrir !

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Pierre V.

Marée haute offers a remarkable selection of natural wines! 6 bottles ordered delivered to my home in 48 hours with no breakages! The packaging is perfect. I recommend it 100%!

Camille L.

This wine is a real delight! Its silky texture and subtle notes make it my new favourite!

Sophie M.

An exquisite wine with rich aromas and a smooth finish. Perfect for special occasions!

Océane D.

A wonderful discovery! The natural wines are carefully selected and of the highest quality. Very good advice and they share their passion with us through tastings in a carefully chosen location. Very responsive to questions and orders!

Alexandre D.

A perfect balance of fruit and wood. Every sip is a delicious experience!

Paul M.

An exquisite wine with rich aromas and a smooth finish. Perfect for special occasions!

Tom H.

This is a great site for natural wines, with a wonderful selection that takes you on a journey through regions and countries. New pins are added regularly.

Stefano C.

I've ordered Crinquand wines online and I'm really looking forward to other references too ;-) Very fast delivery service and very well prepared bottles.

Léo B.

A superb boutique offering some very fine natural wines that are off the beaten track. The only downside is that the bottles are very expensive overall: it would be nice to see a wider range of affordable/pleasurable wines.

Alice J.

A wonderful selection of natural wines that are little nuggets and a commitment to more responsible drinking.A lovely team, thanks for the tasting!

Antoine J.

A fine selection of natural wines from Burgundy to the Jura, via the Loire and Auvergne, as well as foreign wines in all price ranges.A responsive and passionate team, and top-notch delivery!

Sophie D.

Friendly team and very good wines.Great advice too, from passionate people who know what they're selling, and the wine-tasting outing is fun and unusual.

Gaëtan G.

Elodie is a very pleasant and professional wine merchant.

Marie T.

Baptiste is passionate about natural wines. Marée haute offers a wide choice that will delight all wine lovers. Prices are competitive and delivery fast. Absolutely top-notch. I recommend him for opening up new wine horizons.

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Clara has worked in the spirits industry for several years. She has contributed to the renown of Archibald - the French distillery tonic made near Bordeaux - and the Folle Envie aperitif. A native of the Ile d'Oléron and the daughter of fishmongers, her values include respect for fresh produce, short supply chains and a passion for nature.

Baptiste grew up on the Ile d'Oléron. He worked for a biodynamic wine estate in Burgundy and discovered natural wine several years ago. Since then, he has travelled extensively in France and elsewhere to meet these passionate winemakers.

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There are a number of specifications corresponding to these designations. Although we often hear about sulphites, which are rightly accused of giving people a headache, many other products can be used in the composition of so-called conventional wines.

Here's an overview of the different organic, biodynamic and natural specifications:The organic specifications (AB label) ban all use of synthetic chemicals in the vines and in the cellar. It does, however, allow for a few oenological aids during vinification. Sulphites, for example, are tolerated up to 100 mg/L for red wines and 150 mg/L for whites.biodynamic winemakers (Demeter or Biodyvin label) not only work without synthetic chemicals, but also take into account the lunar calendar for all the operations they carry out.

They also use biodynamic preparations (fermented horn dung, silica, plant teas, etc.) to strengthen the vines. Overall, the winegrower seeks to integrate the cultivation of the vine into a global environment. Sulphites can be as low as 70 mg/L for reds and 90 mg/L for whites. For natural wines (Vin Méthode Nature label), the specifications specify the use of organic grapes, fermented naturally using indigenous yeasts (as in biodynamic viticulture). No inputs are used in natural wines throughout the vinification and ageing process. Only minimal doses of SO2 are permitted (30 mg/L maximum), and these must be specified by the winemaker. No brutal filtration or alteration techniques are permitted. We also find the Vins SAINS designation, which aims to ban the use of sulphites altogether.

Our aim is to offer you wines made by artisans, from small-scale estates that are often family-run. That's why we take the time to travel the length and breadth of France, from vineyard to vineyard, in search of the natural wines that thrill us. We're particularly keen to help you discover the new winegrowers of tomorrow, who are working tirelessly to bring us magnificent wines. We want to showcase them, give them greater, clearer visibility and bring them to you!

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Valab' - Tommy Véron