Nicholas Jacob

Originally from the Jura, Nicolas Jacob first worked as a market gardener (organic of course). However, his passion for wine ended up winning out. A trajectory that led him to the Ganevat school, after beginning his training at Domaine Macle. In 2015, Nicolas Jacob embarked on a solo adventure when he bought and took over plots of vines on the terroirs of L'Étoile and Voiteur. His estate, located in South Revermont, today extends over 6 hectares, mainly composed of white grape varieties. Like his mentor, Jean-François Ganevat, Nicolas Jacob resolutely follows a natural approach. The winemaker strives to enhance the terroirs of the south of the Jura by vinifying plot by plot, giving birth to a multitude of micro-cuvées. Its vines are cultivated organically, and its vinification is as natural as possible, with spontaneous fermentations and without the addition of sulfur or other inputs. Nicolas Jacob knows the importance of time and breeding, which is why he often practices long breeding periods.
With all this it is not surprising that Nicolas Jacob is one of the rising stars of the Jura!


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