Jean-François Ganevat

Do we still need to introduce Jean-François Ganevat, affectionately known as Fanfan? For decades he has embodied the revival of the Jura vineyards, producing lively, authentic wines of unrivalled precision. Jean-François Ganevat is the 14th generation of a family of winegrowers based in Rotalier, in the southern Jura. After gaining valuable experience working alongside his father, he perfected his art as cellar master with Jean-Marc Morey in Chassagne-Montrachet, before taking over the reins of the family's 8.5 hectare estate in 1998. That same year, the estate converted toorganic farming, followed by biodynamic viticulture in 2006. Each year, Jean-François Ganevat creates around forty cuvées, with an emphasis on plot-based selections. The vines are pampered with meticulous care, and receive natural preparations such as horsetail, dandelion, nettle and silica teas. In the cellar, Jean-François Ganevat makes natural wines, although he doesn't claim to be a winemaker. His wines are the fruit of spontaneous fermentation, using indigenous yeasts, with no added inputs that might alter the expression of the terroir. Thanks to limited yields and a colossal amount of work in the vineyards, the red wines, which are increasingly matured in terracotta jars, have now reached a remarkable level, rivalling the quality of the estate's white wines. The name Jean-François Ganevat has become synonymous with excellence in the Jura wine world.


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