François Rousset-Martin

François Rousset-Martin inherits precious family plots nestled around Château-Chalon, an emblematic place in the Jura wine region. The Jura vines located around Château-Chalon have belonged to the Rousset-Martin family for several generations. After his oenology studies, François Rousset-Martin gave in to the temptation to take over the handful of hectares of family vines in the Jura, left to him by his grandfather. He moved there in 2007 and then purchased a few additional plots of land in Nevy-sur-Seille, a stone's throw from Château-Chalon. The year 2008 marked his first vintage, but it was not until 2018 that he could vinify all of his grapes under his own name. François Rousset-Martin grew up in the wine-growing atmosphere of Beaune, in Burgundy, bringing with him this dual culture which deeply influences his approach. He thus devotes meticulous attention to each plot, to each micro-terroir, with the aim of delivering a faithful interpretation of these jewels of the Jura. To achieve this, he chose to follow in the footsteps of his ancestors, working his vines by hand, favoring organic farming and renouncing the use of pesticides and fungicides, while promoting natural grass cover. By focusing on Savagnin, he strives to express the specificity of each renowned terroir around Château-Chalon. In his cellar, François Rousset-Martin focuses on spontaneous fermentations with native yeasts and avoids the addition of inputs. Its commitment is to preserve the authenticity of the grapes and to highlight the purity of the Jura terroirs. By combining tradition, respect for the terroir and modern techniques, it perpetuates the magnificent wine-growing tradition of the Jura.


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