Since his installation in La Possonnière in 2018, Eric Dubois, a very talented winemaker from Saumur (from Clos Cristal), has become the master of the vines of La Franchaie. This enchanting estate is made up of two plots located on schist terroirs. On these 5 hectares, Eric Dubois cultivates a variety of grape varieties, including Chenin, Grolleau, Gamay, Cabernet-Franc and Cabernet-Sauvignon. Their cultivation is carried out with a sustainable approach, favoring animal traction, and the grass occupies the entire inter-row area. Since 2011, the estate has obtained certification in organic farming. All treatments used are of natural origin, without the use of synthetic products.
In the cellar, Eric Dubois adopts a resolutely natural approach to winemaking. Native yeasts are used to ferment musts. The wines are not subject to filtration or fining, and they are not sulphated during bottling. Regarding breeding, Eric experiments with different methods, ranging from stoneware and porcelain amphorae to 400 liter barrels or fiber vats. The choice of aging method depends on the vintage concerned.
We invite you to discover its vintages, in particular its Chenin d'Anjou which are gastronomic white wines typical of the Loire Valley. Eric Dubois' meticulous approach in his vineyards and in the cellar results in wines that faithfully reflect the terroir and authenticity of the region. A unique sensory experience for lovers of natural wines with character.

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