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What is natural wine?

🌿 Wines made as naturally as possible
🍇 Grapes grown organically or biodynamically
🤚 Manual harvesting to respect the integrity of the grapes
❌ No addition of oenological products
🍷 Minimum doses of sulphites at bottling

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Natural wine, or natural wine, is above all a wine made as naturally as possible . It comes exclusively from grapes grown in organic or biodynamic agriculture. The harvest is necessarily manual in order to respect the integrity of the grapes. In the cellar, our winegrowers then focus on fermenting the wine naturally , using native yeasts, naturally present on the grapes. No addition of oenological products is permitted, no acidification, no enzymes or any other synthetic chemical product. The wine is then aged in different containers (barrels, vats, amphorae, etc.) for the time necessary for its stabilization, then bottled. Only a minimum dose (less than or equal to 30mg/L) of sulphites is authorized.

Natural wine can be, like conventional wine, white , red , rosé or even sparkling .

Natural wines are characterized by their digestibility , their drinkability and their search for a product that is more respectful of the environment and consumers (although containing alcohol).


Several specifications correspond to these names. If we very often hear about sulphites, rightly accused of causing headaches, many other products can be used in the composition of so-called conventional wines.

Here is an overview of the different organic, biodynamic and natural specifications:

The organic specifications (AB label) prohibit any use of synthetic chemicals in the vineyards and in the winery. However, it allows some oenological crutches during winemaking. Sulfites are tolerated up to 100mg/L for red wines and 150mg/L for whites.

In biodynamics (Demeter or Biodyvin label), the winegrower not only works without synthetic chemicals, but also takes into account the lunar calendar for all the operations he carries out. He will also use biodynamic preparations (fermented horn dung, silica, etc.) to strengthen the vines. Overall, the winegrower seeks to include the cultivation of the vine in a global environment. Sulphites can go up to 70g/L for reds and 90g/L for whites.

In natural wine (Vin Method Nature label), the specifications specify the use of organic grapes, fermenting naturally using native yeasts. Natural wines see no input during all vinification and aging. Only minimum doses of SO2 are permitted (30mg/L maximum), and must be mentioned by the winemaker. No brutal filtration or wine alteration techniques are permitted.

We also find the name SAINS Wines which aims to completely prohibit the use of sulphites.

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