Jean-Claude Lapalu

Welcome to eminent Beaujolais winemaker Jean-Claude Lapalu, whose 12 hectare estate nestles at the foot of the famous Mont Brouilly in Saint-Étienne la Varenne. In this historic bastion of natural wines, Lapalu has built up his estate, essentially around Gamay, the emblematic Beaujolais grape variety. A disciple of Jules Chauvet, he has instituted a categorical refusal of all chemical inputs in the vineyard, favoring grassed soils, reduced yields and sparing use of sulfur.

His approach reflects his commitment to the environment. Mastering as no other the granite soils and unique characteristics of his eight plots of old vines, he has eliminated traditional filters such as sulfur, exogenous yeasts and chaptalization. Whether it's meticulous vineyard work, precise grape sorting at harvest, or gentle vinification with spontaneous fermentation in stainless steel tanks, Lapalu seeks to preserve the freshness and quintessence of the fruit.

Lapalu wines are an ode to quality. Generous, mineral and juicy, they bear witness to Lapalu's mastery of his craft. Since 2008, his experiments with amphora ageing, as with the Alma Mater cuvée, have added a new dimension to his creative palette. Beyond considerations of value for money, his wines stand out for their incomparable fruitiness and exceptional drinkability. Lapalu's unique viticulture and vinification methods, respectful of nature, produce fine, ripe wines, ready to be enjoyed immediately, or kept for several years...



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