Philippe Jambon & Denis Tardieu

Philippe Jambon is a pioneer winemaker of natural wine in Beaujolais. It is in Chasselas that he has been making his way since the 90s, making wine without any inputs or added sulphites. His work in Beaujolais is marked by long macerations, barrel aging (also very long) and vintage blends.
With the desire to share his know-how and launch a few young winegrowers into the adventure, Philippe Jambon decided to set up a project that was original to say the least, a sort of “franchise”. For him, it is not a question of buying grapes from winegrowers here or there, but of supporting them, advising them and distributing their wines under their two common names. Philippe Jambon’s “Tranches” are therefore four-handed vintages. He partners for example with Denis Tardieu in Nyons in the Côtes du Rhône, but also with other Beaujolais winegrowers for example…

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