Domaine La Mutine

In the heart of the picturesque Grand Auxerrois landscape lies Domaine La Mutine. Created in January 2022, Domaine La Mutine represents 2.5 hectares dedicated to organic viticulture. Here, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Melon de Bourgogne flourish in an unspoilt environment, where the use of pesticides is banned in favor of a nature-friendly approach.

With a total surface area of 2.85 hectares spread over 5 distinct climats, Domaine La Mutine is resolutely committed to an environmentally-friendly approach. Hand-picking and selective grape sorting are the first steps in a meticulous winemaking process.
Jean-Paul Pando, the visionary winemaker behind the estate, has forged his passion for wine through an atypical career path. Originally from Provence, he perfected his art in France's most prestigious wine-growing regions, from Bordeaux to Burgundy. In 2022, he made his dream come true by setting up in Vézelay, in the heart of northern Burgundy.

Vinification at Domaine La Mutine is marked by simplicity and authenticity. Indigenous yeasts are favored to preserve the unique expression of the terroir, while the use of sulfur is measured and the wines are unfiltered. The result? Wines, both red and white, that elegantly celebrate the little-known terroirs of northern Burgundy.

Domaine La Mutine invites wine lovers to embark on an adventure through unprecedented flavors and unspoiled vineyard landscapes, for an authentic and unforgettable taste experience.



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