Lorraine was once an immense vineyard that successive wars reduced to an anecdotal surface area of ​​180 hectares . However, despite the narrow areas allocated to viticulture, the Lorraine vineyards still have a lot to teach us about our local terroirs and living wines. Global warming actively contributes to making viticulture conditions milder and makes it possible to obtain surprising results in the very unique expression of Pinot noir and Gamay. Natural red wines that are light in tannin but with real identities and aromatic depth are obtained. Although natural white wines are largely in the minority, there are Chardonnay and Auxerrois, with volume and deliciousness profiles typical of clay-limestone soils. This renewal of the Lorraine vineyard has allowed a biodynamic and natural approach by the winegrowers who today make its reputation in full rise, like Pierre Andrey . A vineyard to follow very closely in the years to come.

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