Stéphane Meyer

Stéphane Meyer is the story of a winegrower from Château-Chalon, whose family has been involved in vines for generations. If you have heard of François Rousset-Martin, know that they are childhood friends, and that Stéphane was his first distributor in Paris. In addition to having been the president of the Château-Chalon appellation for four years, Stéphane fought body and soul for the world to discover all the richness of the terroirs of this appellation. We often associate Château-Chalon with the famous yellow wine, but in reality, this area has always produced wines made from Savagnin with finesse, far removed from the opulence of the yellow wines from other corners of the Jura, such as Arbois or Pupillin. In 2016, Stéphane recovered a family micro-plot in Château-Chalon (La Vigne Aux Dames) and cultivated it. His credo? Let nature express itself. No sulfur, no copper, no trimming or tillage. The vine therefore produces little, even very little. His job in the cellar is just as simple: spontaneous fermentations, native yeasts and Stéphane lets his wine work alone, without getting too involved. Its Savagnin, which responds to the name of Udumbara, is taking pride of place in the cellars of lovers of natural Jura. After 4 years of aging, Stéphane bottles a wine of immense complexity and phenomenal aging potential. Tasted several times blind, it is a wine that has amazed more than one wine enthusiast!
Since 2023, Stéphane has lived between Château-Chalon and Thouars in Anjou. He harvests a few fallow plots near Thouars and will soon perhaps offer us new wines as moving as Udumbara was...

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