Château Meylet

The history of Château Meylet dates back to 1875, when the great-great grandfather of David Favard (today at the head of the latter), who worked in the fabric trade, decided to buy the first vines of the estate on St Emilion. Since the end of the 19th century, the vines have remained in the family with the same desire to work the vines and this Bordeaux terroir with respect for the land and nature that surround it. In the 1980s, the château's wines were officially labeled organic and Michel Favard (David's father), a member of the AVN (natural wine association), officially implemented biodynamics as a growing method in 1987.
David will of course keep this healthy philosophy and will decide in 1998 on the total and systematic aging of all their vintages without sulfur. Since then, vinification has been carried out in truncated wooden vats and each vintage is punched down (a Burgundian winemaking method). In order not to rush the wines, everything is done by gravity, without a pump.
Today the estate does not exceed 3 ha, which makes it a little gem in its Bordeaux setting!

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