Faithful R19 Magnum - Vouette & Sorbée
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Faithful R19 Magnum - Vouette & Sorbée

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👨🏼‍🌾Champagne blanc de noirs made by Hélène and Bertrand Gautherot ( Vouette & Sorbée ).

📍Region: Champagne
🍇Grape variety: Pinot Noir
📆Vintage: R19
🥘Food & wine pairing: Aperitif, roast lobster, grilled lobster

A micro-estate if ever there was one, Vouette & Sorbée has been making the eyes of winegrowers' Champagne enthusiasts shine for over 30 years. Settling in 1993 in Buxières-sur-Arce, Hélène and Bertrand Gautherot decided very early on to work in organic farming and biodynamics. They are part of this generation of pioneering Champagne winegrowers including David Leclapart, Anselme Selosse and Vincent Laval. Refuse chemistry and limit yields, focus on quality vs. the quantity... so many choices that will make them, for many years, real Martians in the land of Champagne! Visiting the estate means above all taking a geology lesson with Bertrand, who will not fail to show you the difference between Kimmeridgian and Portlandian soils. Because at the estate, most of what is done in the vineyard. This is where healthy grapes are grown, on relevant plots and with a sustainable vision. Let's remember that Vouette & Sorbée is above all the name of two plots... Their micro-plot allows them to work with precision, mainly on Chardonnay and PInot Noir. From these two grape varieties, Vouette & Sorbée makes two champagnes that every amateur should know: Blanc d'Argile and Fidèle. Gradually, Héloïse, their daughter, took back control and experimented in new directions (Champagne hillsides among others…).

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