La Galoche White 2021 - Domaine Saint-Cyr
Bright White Wine White Beaujolais

Domaine Saint-Cyr

La Galoche White 2021 - Domaine Saint-Cyr

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La Galoche White 2021 - Domaine Saint-Cyr

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👨🏼‍🌾White wine made by Raphaël Saint-Cyr ( Domaine Saint-Cyr ).

📍Region: Beaujolais
🍇Grape variety: Chardonnay
📆Vintage: 2021
⁒Alcohol content: 13°
🥘Food & wine pairing: Aperitif with friends

It was in Anse, in Beaujolais, a few kilometers south of Villefranche sur Saône, that Raphaël Saint-Cyr took over the family estate created in 1948 by his great-grandfather Pierre Saint-Cyr. At that time, the agricultural operation was based on a mixed farming model. Pierre certainly grows vines there but also fruit trees, also raises cows and pigs... And it was when Michel Saint-Cyr, Raphaël's grandfather, arrived at the head of the estate that this diversified model will disappear in favor of vine cultivation alone. With successive successions, the estate now has 23 hectares of vines in the Beaujolais appellation of course but also in the Crus de Chénas, Morgon and Moulin à Vent. When he took over in 2008, Raphaël in turn left his mark on the history of the estate and chose to convert the entire farm to organic farming while applying biodynamic farming methods. He will also reintroduce soil work with animal traction, his vintage Mélo, also pays tribute to the horses with whom he works. Then he will little by little reintroduce this notion of polyculture all around these vines... He is joined in 2012 by Karine, his wife who will then take care of the entire business side and will thus bring the estate's wines to all the tables. The couple now offers us natural wines without inputs, delicious and friendly: like the vineyard from which they come.

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What is natural wine?

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