Origins 2017 - Salima & Alain Cordeuil
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Salima & Alain Cordeuil

Origins 2017 - Salima & Alain Cordeuil

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👨🏼‍🌾 Champagne Brut Nature made by Salima & Alain Cordeuil .

📍Region: Champagne
🍇Grape variety: 65% Chardonnay and 35% Pinot Noir
📆Vintage: 2017
🥘 Food & Wine Pairings: Lamb shank with honey, or Veal fillet with porcini mushroom sauce

The estate of Salima & Alain Cordeuil is located in the Côte des Bar, in Noé les Mallets, a village sheltering the highest hillsides of Champagne. It is here, on 4 hectares, that they take over the family vines on Alain's side. Lovers of the earth, respectful of nature and people, they produced their first wines in 2011 and they committed all production to organic farming in 2012. The entire vineyard and wines have been certified organic since 2015. The couple rejects any chemical intervention or process. All wines are made naturally. Here is how they describe their work: “We attach major importance to Time. We refuse to rush. This desire is reflected at all stages. We give the vines time to regenerate after the harvest, thus respecting its dormancy. The time for the terroir to express itself by favoring the natural cycle of life. Time for the grapes to ripen, to gorge themselves with sugar, to be picked at the best time and to offer musts with a beautiful balance, naturally, thanks to their own yeasts. The time for our wines to be aged for a long time on their lees so that they are a pure reflection of their terroir and their climate. Time for our vintages to age in the cellar, at least 4 to 5 years, to express all their character, their vintage. Finally we give ourselves the time to share with you our love of wine and our philosophy…”

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What is natural wine?

🌿 Wines made as naturally as possible
🍇 Grapes grown organically or biodynamically
🤚 Manual harvesting to respect the integrity of the grapes
❌ No addition of oenological products
🍷 Minimum doses of sulphites at bottling