Tohu Bohu 2021 - Domaine de l'Epeire
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Domaine de l'Epeire

Tohu Bohu 2021 - Domaine de l'Epeire

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👨🏼‍🌾Red Wine made by Philippe Petit ( Domaine de l'Epeire ).

📍Region: Languedoc-Roussillon
🍇Grape variety: Grenache
📆Vintage: 2021

After taking over the family vineyard from his paternal and maternal grandparents around twenty years ago and having patiently learned to express the richness of his terroir and its potential, Philippe Petit chose to take charge of winemaking in lonely. The Domaine de l’Epeire was born. For him, being a winemaker is much more than a simple profession, it is a true passion, a deep commitment to nature and the cycles that mark the successive seasons. It is the art of creating sincere wines, an authentic expression of the diversity of the terroir in which he lives and works. Being a winemaker is a constant questioning, it means plowing one's furrow with humility with each vintage, always seeking to offer pleasure and conviviality through each bottle he produces. The family vines, passed down from generation to generation, extend over 6 hectares of exceptional terroirs, nestled in Roussillon, in Calce and Baixas, where the scrubland embraces soils composed of schist, limestone marl and rolled pebbles. A natural ecosystem flourishes around the vines, mixing wild herbs, cereals, legumes and cruciferous plants to create a living soil and encourage biodiversity. The grapes are harvested manually, with great attention to detail, in boxes, preserving the quality and integrity of the fruit. The winemaking process relies on indigenous yeasts, reflecting the unique personality of each harvest. The wines produced do not undergo filtration or fining, allowing the flavors and characteristics of the terroir to fully express themselves. Bottling is carried out with a deep respect for lunar cycles, adding an extra dimension to the tradition and philosophy that underpins its vineyard. His commitment to organic farming guides every step of vine cultivation, but Philippe goes beyond using biodynamic practices, including decoctions and herbal teas made from wild plants such as nettle, horsetail, comfrey. and yarrow to care for the vines when necessary. He believes in the creation of a sustainable ecosystem, where biodiversity promotes the formation of nourishing humus, guaranteeing the vitality of its vines and the quality of its grapes.

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What is natural wine?

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