Red Vermouth 2020 - Domaine Mosse
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Domaine Mosse

Red Vermouth 2020 - Domaine Mosse

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Red Vermouth 2020 - Domaine Mosse

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👨🏼‍🌾 Vermouth made by Sylvestre and Joseph Mosse .

📍Region: Loi​re
🍇 Plants: Violet, Star anise, Cinchona & Ginger
% Alcohol Level: 17.5°
🥘 Food and Wine Pairings: Ideal with Moussamoussette

Founded at the end of the 1990s by Agnès & René, the Mosse estate is located in Saint-Lambert du Lattay in the Loire. It is made up of 15 hectares in the municipalities of Saint Lambert du Lattay, Beaulieu sur Layon and Savennières. It was in 2019 that their sons Sylvestre and Joseph decided to continue this family adventure. All the vines of Domaine Mosse have been cultivated organically since 1999. Their vines are in the Anjou Villages and Coteaux du Layon Villages appellation area. They have several grape varieties typical of the Loire region such as Chenin, Cabernet Franc, Grolleau gris, Grolleau noir, Côt and Gamay. They spend a lot of time in the vines and do a lot of work on the soil to have an ever more vibrant support and reveal the terroir in their wines. The wines they produce are made with a minimum of intervention in the cellar, the fermentations are natural and the aging takes place in barrels or tuns. They are very renowned for their white wines, Chenin of great complexity on beautiful schist terroirs. In 2006, Sylvestre and Joseph Mosse embarked on the trading adventure by producing vintages with grape varieties from elsewhere, always vinified with care. Discover or rediscover this emblematic estate of Anjou through their legendary vintages like Le Rouchefer, a full and generous Chenin balanced by a vibrant minerality or through their thirst-quenching vintages like Bisou, a vintage with different grape varieties (white and red) vinified separately in very short semi-carbonic maceration, a wine with a frank mouthfeel, fruity notes and a tangy finish.

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What is natural wine?

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