Vin de Paille 2016 - Domaine de La Renardière
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Domaine de la Renardière

Vin de Paille 2016 - Domaine de La Renardière

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Vin de Paille 2016 - Domaine de La Renardière

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👨🏼‍🌾Red Wine (37.5cl) made by Léo & Jean-Michel Petit ( La Renardière ).

📍Region: Jura
🍇Grape variety: Ploussard
📆Vintage: 2016
⁒Alcohol content: 14.5°

The history of Domaine de la Renardière began in 1990, when Jean-Michel and Laurence Petit wrote the first pages of this wine adventure, in the village of Pupillin. Made up of 7 hectares, the Domaine de la Renardière extends over red marl terroirs, creating an exceptional environment for Ploussard, an emblematic grape variety of the region. The vines, around thirty years old, are pampered in accordance with organic farming, free of chemicals, and the harvest is meticulously carried out by hand. In the Domaine de la Renardière cellar, Jean-Michel and Laurence Petit, joined for several years by their son Léo, accompany the wine with the minimum of intervention, using only a small dose of sulphite as a 'single input. Winemaking is plot-based, just like maturing, a process which consists of harvesting, vinifying and maturing the grapes from a single isolated plot, without mixing with other grapes from other plots. This purist approach aims to reveal the identity of a specific terroir as faithfully as possible, without seeking to alter its authenticity. Today, it is Léo, the son of Jean-Michel and Laurence Petit, who is starting to take charge of the estate, very gently, after creating his own brewery in 2016, known as "La Jurassique. " He perpetuates the family tradition of Domaine de la Renardière, producing balanced wines with powerful aromas, while adding his own personal touch. Thus, the area is the scene of numerous experiments and innovations, at the intersection between tradition and modernity. Between tradition and renewal, Léo will continue to magnify this magnificent Jura appellation, bringing a contemporary vision while honoring the family heritage and the richness of the region's wine history.

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