Chalk Land - Pascal Henin
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Romain Hénin

Chalk Land - Pascal Henin

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👨🏼‍🌾Champagne made by Romain Henin .

📍Region: Champagne
🍇Grape variety: Chardonnay
📆Vintage: Not vintage

Son of a family of Champagne winegrowers from the village of Aÿ, Romain Henin obtained his BTS viti-oeno in 2011. In 2016, he created his structure and found his first vines for rental. He launched directly into organic and biodynamics under the leadership of Sébastien Mouzon. The first years were tough: mildew in 2016, frost in 2017... In 2018, he harvested in Greece with Jason Ligas and Patrick Bouju for the SAMOS project. This is the trigger: his wines will be without added inputs or sulphites. Romain subsequently worked on 1.10 ha certified organic in 2020, Demeter has since. He gradually took over the entire family estate with his brother Thomas. His ambition? Cultivate the entire estate in organic farming and biodynamics. Agroforestry is a strong direction that he also decides to take. Subsequently, all the wines will be vinified without inputs, starting with the 2022 harvest. Romain Henin's notoriety is built with the first edition of Gamin du Terroir, a vintage until then most representative of his way of working. He subsequently offered Coteaux Champenois (MPQR) and other micro-cuvées such as La Trève or Les Jodins. Also in the pipeline: a cider project under the name Korrigans. Romain Hénin's champagnes are today among the most sought after by this young generation of Champagne winegrowers who are shaking up the codes. There is no doubt that Romain and Thomas will continue to amaze and delight us for many vintages.

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