Cognac 18 Years Île d'Oléron - Maison Grosperrin
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Cognac 18 Years Île d'Oléron - Maison Grosperrin

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Cognac 18 Years Île d'Oléron - Maison Grosperrin

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16 Rue Raymond Grandsart
17310 Saint-Pierre-d'Oléron


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👨🏼‍🌾Cognac made by Maison Grosperrin.

This cognac comes from the town of Saint-Pierre d'Oléron. The small property where this cognac was produced ceased operations in 2007. This little-known terroir with sandy soils, which was once an important production area, is no less exceptional. It gives the cognac maritime accents, reinforced here by island aging.

📍Region: Charente
⁒Alcohol content: 50.1°

After having had a first life as a shepherd then as a distiller from 1981, Jean Grosperrin set up as a broker in Cognac in 1992. For the needs of his activity he will have to travel to the most confidential and remote places of this vast appellation area. He then sets off in search of the rarest and finest Cognac in the region. In 1999, he began buying old Cognac barrels, which he found exceptional, in order to prevent them from ending up in giant blends. He carries out their bottling in an artisanal manner: the family will take care of it. The story of the Grosperrin house can then begin! In 2004, his son, Guilhem, took over this business, and in this position, he adopted this motto: “testify without artifice to the Charentais heritage”. He therefore carried out, like his father before, a real work of selection of different Cognacs and then decided to take control of the aging and breeding of the latter. 2012 is the time to return to the origins with a new winery, on the banks of the Charente. Well “new” not really since the latter dates from the 19th century, but located in a flood zone on the banks of the Charente, it allows the Cognac to mature in humid cellars which will offer them a natural sweetness and prevent them from developing an aromatic aroma. reduction. Here Guilhem is not inventing anything, he is just returning to the know-how of the first merchant-breeders. Another particularity of this cellar is the presence of a bronze bell which will ring a perfect “F” every hour, a note symbolizing copper in alchemy, a metal naturally contained in cognac. Thus the latter will vibrate the cognac contained in the barrels throughout its aging, which according to Guilhem (and the scientific studies on which he is based) improves the maturation of these alcohols. Because Guilhem is a guardian of the temple and history of this Charentais vineyard, he raises his Cognac with the greatest attention to reveal their always unique personalities and stories. Also note, a confidential production of (very) old Pineaux des Charentes with its MMC series.

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